Monday, October 5, 2009

A dog's life

every dog has its day

The time will come to each of us to chuck one's weight around; to exhibit a periods of ostentation, influence or power.
Source: Funk, Charles

dog eat dog

ruthless competition or self-interest
Source:, The Collins English Dictionary

a dog's chance

no chance at all
Source:, The Collins English Dictionary

big dog

important person
Source: Bertram, Anne (Pig's Eye)

Pregnant (week 5)

The fetuses develop their sex organs and begin to look like actual puppies.  The leg buds lengthen and develop toes.

My belly look noticeably swollen as the pups take up more space.

With less room for full meals, I eat smaller meals more frequently.

Pregnant (week 4)

Fetuses can be felt in the uterine horns around day 28, and can also be seen by ultrasound.  The spinal cords are developing, and the fetuses are beginning to grow facial features.  The uterus fill with fluids to protect the fetuses.  After this, it will be weeks until the puppies can be felt again.

My appetite increased!


a barking dog never bites
Someone who makes threats all the time, seldom carries out the threats.
Source: Bertram, Anne (Bowl of Cherries)

 bark up the wrong tree
Pursue an erroneous course of action.
Source: Bertram, Anne (Bowl of Cherries)

his bark is worse than his bite
Someone comes across as being very mean and nasty, but doesn't necessarily act on their threats
Source: Lewis, Stacey

 why keep a dog and bark yourself
You should not do something you hired some one else to do.
Source: Bertram, Anne (Bowl of Cherries)

(Photos November 2008)

When I grow up...

... I want to be an electrician

(Photo July 2008)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pregnant (week 3)

During week 3:  Implantation has taken place and the embryos begin to develop.  More mood swings, appetite changes and breast tissue development.

(Foto's July 2009)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pregnant (week 2)

Oh well, the fertilized eggs are making their way to the uterus for implantation... 

I am no longer moody, but much much more affectionate... mmmmmmm mwah mwah

Best friends and Best lovers

With friendship comes happiness, love, and appreciation for each other.  Myself and Skye have fallen in love at first sight!  

But after spending time with Skye, the relationship ultimately came down to the test of friendship. 

 Skye is someone I can talk to, he is my friend and not just my lover.  By getting to know each other we found they we really see eye to eye, have common goals and views, and essentially we are best friends.

 Without friendship, how can there be love?

Dog toys

Skye is such a chewer!

Mom always supervises us when chewing on any new bone or toy that we could potentially swallow. Apparently the golden rule is that we should only be given toys made for dogs and they don’t choose something because it is cute or cheap. Mom knows our personality so well and never buys a toy that could be harmful or ignored. And when we chew something unsafe or too aggressively, we know that they take it away! Our toys are inspected on a daily basis for damage and at least once a month the toys are washed in hot water and mild dish soap.

Mom explained that we have an instinctual desire to chew and need to learn the proper chewing outlets. Increased calmness, focus, and clean teeth are just a few of the benefits from proper chewing outlets!

My list of SAFE TOYS
basic big, hard toys
raw meat bone
beef sticks
compressed rawhide
KONG filled with peanut butter or milk bones
stuffed toys designed for greater durability and safety, with multiple layers of an extra-tough nylon between toy’s stuffing and squeaker.

My list of UNSAFE TOYS
little stuffed toys with the button eyes and little ears that can be chewed and
possibly swallowed
string, ribbon, rubber bands, children’s toys or anything else that could be ingested
squeaker toys as some dogs must find and destroy the squeak source!
soft toys are not indestructible, but some are sturdier than others (should be machine washable)
old shoes or handbags
toys shaped like items that you don't want it to chew because we can’t differentiate between a toy cell phone and the real thing

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dog food vs Table scaps

I know what is best for me, however Skye just loves eating... anything! Skye will scoot as close to the table as he can get. His big, pitiful eyes stare longingly first at Dad, and then at the plate. Skye licks his chops over and over again, hoping to get just one bite of whatever dad is eating.

Let me try and explain the obvious reasons why many of the foods that humans eat are just not good for dogs:
  • Dogs that eat a lot of table scraps tend to be overweight. If you are eating a steak and want to give your dog a treat, what part of the steak does he usually get? The fat. Dogs that are overweight have less energy and are at greater risk for developing health problems such as cardiovascular diseases.
  • Digestive disorders are another common problem among dogs that eat a lot of table scraps.
  • Table scraps do not provide the nutrition that dogs need. Tossing your dog a scrap of chicken now and then is different than feeding your dog a diet that consists mainly of table scraps. Dogs need different things nutritionally than humans do, and the best way for dogs to get what they need is to eat a food that has been formulated for dogs.
A dog's health and safety should always be your first priority.

Some foods are a direct threat to your dogs health such as:

  • Chocolate contains something called theobromine. Theobromine is toxic to dogs. It affects their heart and nervous system. Dogs who have ingested chocolate can suffer from seizures and even die. An ounce of chocolate contains enough theobromine to poison a dog
  • Grapes and raisins cause kidney failure in dogs. A single serving of raisins is enough to kill a dog.
  • Fruit seeds and pits can be deadly to dogs.
  • The seeds and pits of apples, cherries, plums, peaches, pears and apricots contain cyanide. They can also obstruct the digestive track.
  • mushrooms
  • nutmeg
  • raw fish
  • Tomatoes can cause cause tremors and heart arrhythmia in dogs
  • Avacados can cause breathing and respiratory problems
  • Onions can damage dogs’ red blood cells
  • Large amounts of salt can cause kidney problems in dogs
  • Additionally too much fat and sugar can cause obesity, dental problems, and diseases such as pancreatitis.
  • Raw liver or large amounts of cooked liver can lead to Vitamin A toxicity in dogs. This can lead to all sorts of health problems.
  • Macadamia nuts affect dog muscles as well as their digestive and nervous systems. It can even lead to paralysis.
  • Yeast dough can expand in the digestive system which produces gas and can even rupture the stomach or intestines.
  • Also, dogs do not have the proper enzymes to breakdown the lactose in milk and dairy products.
  • tea, coffee and cola type drinks
  • cat food can cause metabolic imbalances
  • eggs
  • potatoe
  • rhubarb
  • vitamin supplements containing iron
  • bones can cause obstructions and they tend to splinter, which can be very harmful not only in your dogs throat, but even cause perforation to parts of his digestive system and this can be fatal
Because there are so many foods than can be harmful to your dogs, you should be very careful about what you feed them.

Some of the sicknesses a dog can suffer due to bad nutrition are:

Chronic gastritis:  This is attributed to the intolerance of certain foods, or to a problem with parasites.  Generally this problem occurs when the dog has been fed expired food or rotten food.  This can also be caused if the dog eats too much grease or leftovers.  Some dogs like getting into the trash to scavenge for food and this often times contains rotten and toxic substances.

Diarrhea:  Sometimes, something as small as a change in a dog's diet can bring about diarrhea.  Therefore it's best to not change your dog's diet suddenly since the dog's stomach needs to gradually get used to a new food.  If you notice that your dog has diarrhea and that the problem persists for over 24 hours, consult your veterinarian as prolonged diarrhea can lead to dehydration.

Allergies:  Common with dogs, allergies are caused by the immune systems overreaction to certain allergens.  Purebred dogs often have the most problem with allergies due to genetic predisposition to specific allergens.  Some common allergens that affect dogs are flea saliva, grass and some ingredients in commercial dog food.  The allergic reactions can be simply uncomfortable or can be potentially fatal.  Generally the allergy symptoms are found on the skin.  Irritation of the skin on the paws, ears, face, abdomen, and rectal area is one of the most typical.  Some of the other symptoms are hair loss, gastrointestinal distress and hives.  The most serious reactions usually are the result of insect bites and can cause a potentially fatal condition called anaphylactic shock.  The swelling and blockage of the airway is another reaction to allergens that is very serious.

Myself and Skye only eat Hills as Hills Science Food are dedicated to providing precisely balanced nutrition that will improve the quality and longevity of our life.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


(the photo's were taken January 2008 when I was only 10 - 12 weeks old!)

Dog Directory 2009
Staffie facts

Group: Terrier
Origin: Great Britain
Job today: Companion
Life expectancy: 11-12 years
Weight: 11-17kg
Height: 36-41cm

First registered in South Africa in 1938, the Staffie is undoubtedly the most popular Terrier breed in the country. Descended from a cross between the Bulldog and a Terrier, the Stafford was originally used as a fighting dog and ratter. Although interest in their original purpose dwindled with the banning of blood sports, a small devoted group of people recognised and admired the wonderful qualities of these dogs. A rugged looking, powerful, medium-sized, muscular terrier, with a short, broad skull and prominent cheek muscles. His smooth, short coat is easy to maintain. Renowned for his indomitable courage, intelligence and tenacity, the aggression of the breed is evident only when in combat with another dog; in the company of people he is kindness itself. Affectionate with friends and children in particular, his off-duty quietness and trustworthy stability make him a foremost all-purpose dog. Extremely sociable and affectionate, he needs plenty of attention and will be more manageable if given firm training as a puppy. Although the Stafford does not need a great amount of space, he has boundless energy which is best used up on frequent exercise. Colour: red, fawn, white, black, blue or any shade of brindle, with or without white.

My Personality

People describe me as a girly dog... somehow I am always surrounded by PINK ;) I have a sassy personality and will put a smile on your face with my warm affectionate nature. I love belly rubs and will jump on your lap for a cuddle at the first available moment.
(These pictures were taken July and August 2008)

Thorn in my paw!

November 2008 I had my first operation. There was a thorn in my paw! We didn't realise that there was a thorn in my paw and eventially I had to have a operation to remove the sist! I was soooo drugged and unable to run around for days!

What to do when there is a thorn in your friend's paw?
Act immediately: Once you find the thorn in the paw pad, don’t touch it right away or your friend may try to run away and thus make the thorn embed itself deeper.
Calm your friend: Get your friend to sit or lie down with all pressure off the paw that has the thorn in it. Begin petting your friend in slow, sweeping motions and talking in a soothing voice so he/she stops hyperventilating. If you try to pull the thorn out when your friend is hyper-alert, his/her muscles will be contracted and it will be harder to remove.
Distract your friend: Place one hand under his/her chin and look into his eyes to gain his attention.
Yank the thorn: Once your friend is calm enough and your hand is close enough, grasp the thorn and pull it straight out in one swift movement.
Then shower your friend with love and affection to combat the horror of what just happened to him.

Grahamstown championships

Mom and Dad took Skye to the Grahamstown Championship dogshow on the 5th of September 2009. I was left at home and had a baby sitter to watch my every move...gmpf! Secretly I admire Skye for doing so well at the shows and I am proud that to say that he is my boyfriend, but I do get alot of attention when they get back as they don't want me to be jealous.

I don't like the showring - apparantly I am way too friendly for the judges and don't keep still when they touch and feel my body and muscles. I don't like it when the judges open my mouth to look at my teeth, however Skye loves all the attention and he adores the judges.
Skye is called "Frelonius Front Runner" at the shows and my registered name is "Princess Socks".
Grahamstown was the 2nd show Skye attended and he was entered as a puppy as he is now 10 months old. He was awarded BEST OF BREED, BEST PUPPY, 2 CHALLENGE POINTS towards being a champion and BEST PUPPY IN GROUP. He was awarded 4th place in the TERRIER GROUP and competed for the Best In Show.
I do love my boyfriend. He is the best and I am soooo proud of him. Double Woof!
PS Mom and Dad stayed at the Bellas Guest House in Grahamstown - apparantly it is the most amazing place and they recommend to all who is looking for a guest house.

Pregnant? week 1

Woof. I'm sure I am pregnant. It's only been a week, but I already have clear syptoms that I might be expecting. I started eating less and show a clear sign of decrease appetite. We went for our daily walk this morning, but today I realised I feel exhausted easily and was huffing and puffing all the way back home. Apparantly my lack of activity is because there is a change in my hormone level to support the process of embryo production. My "dad" felt my nipples this morning - and according to him he explained that the increase in size and growth of my nipple is a good indication that I might be pregnant. My emotions are such a mess! My behaviour changed and just want to be left alone. Skye is not understanding one bit of this and wants to be with me and support me 24/7! I made it clear today that he should just leave me - otherwise I will bite his tail!